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Poland Map Transport Fever 2

Poland map mod for Transport Fever 2.

Build a Transport Empire in the newly independent Poland, starting in 1918

For starters, you have $ 500,000 from your uncle from the states, who also repaid the loan taken by your Dad who tragically died in the fight for Polish independence.

Over 60 cities in Poland
(Cities are especially not too big at the beginning so that they can develop over the centuries)

Over 100 industries of all kinds
(Industries are the greatest logistical challenge here, and delivering all products to all cities may require a lot of effort and advanced planning.
Most of the plants were taken from Maps, so Google’s location also influenced their location on the map)
The map was made entirely by hand without generating anything.

Recommended difficulty level: Hard (for demanding)
I recommend reducing the “geometry” in the settings to improve smoothness.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: MarkoJestem

Download Link #1

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