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Persuade Defectors Project Civ 6

Persuade Defectors Project mod for Civilization VI.

Enables the Persuade Defectors project for the Diplomatic Quarter, which spawns 1–3 random land or sea units once finished, with a high likelihood of spawning unique units from other civilizations.

Will spawn units for which you have the required technology or civic, and opponents’ unique units for which either you or your opponent have the required technology or civic. Will not spawn units from more than two eras earlier than your current era.

Unique units spawned in this manner have a chance to go rogue—they are turncoats, after all.

The following reduce this chance:

  • Each Delegation or Embassy to or from the civilization to which the unique unit belonged.
  • A Spy counterspying in your Diplomatic Quarter (per each promotion).


  • The chance to roll 1 unit is 50%; 2 units, 40%; 3 units, 10%.
  • The chance to roll a unique unit is 70% per unit rolled.
  • The chance to roll a hostile unit is 20% per unit rolled.
  • Each spy promotion reduces the chance to roll a hostile unit by 2%.
  • Each delegation or embassy reduces the chance by 2%.
  • The above settings have been made to be easily adjusted by editing the topmost section in CoreSailor_Defectors_Script.lua in a text editor.
  • Will only spawn uniques from civs you’ve met.

Mod Support:
Should support most if not all unique units from modded leaders and civilizations.

The current version of Persuade Defectors Project is v1.10. Please refer to the change notes for a full list of changes.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Sailor Cat

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