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Pennsylvania Railroad K4S Pacific Transport Fever 2

The Standard Locomotive of the Standard Railroad of the World, revamped for Transport Fever 2! The PRR’s K4s was a workhorse, hauling all passenger traffic, from long-distance express trains to commuter trains, and even worked branch lines. After several attempts at replacing the K4s failed, the PRR simply double-headed them on the heaviest trains, right up until the end of steam on the railroad.

This locomotive fills a vital need in Transport Fever 2, to fill the bizarre gap in steam locomotive progression where a Pacific ought to be. Man cannot live on 4-4-2s alone!


Prewar & Postwar variations
Folding couplers
New textures
New tender
Custom banshee whistle!

Stats for nerds:

Max Speed: 90 MPH
Power: 2700 horsies
Tractive Effort: 198 kN-m
Available: 1914-1950

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: donoteat

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