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Paris Map from City Building Transport Fever 2

This map has been created during 8 months by CITY BUILDING.


If you have a little computer, you will probably crash. I recommand more than 8 GO RAM storage.
With an average/good computer, you will be able to launch the map after about 5 minutes of loading. If you are close to the ground (less than 100 meters), the game will be fluid. More you zoom out, harder it will be to move your camera. Avoid very sudden movements because you could take the risk of crashing.

THERE ARE NO VEHICLES ON THE MAP: This map is blank. It has no cars, no pedestrians, no trains, no buses, no other animations. Thanks to this, the map is lighter than it looks and many computers will be able to run it without any problem. so it’s up to you to place whatever you want to have fun with it.

(Please, note that this map was never intended to be shared. It is available on the Workshop only after many requests. The goal idea of this sharing is for you to see how far you can push the limits of the game.)

About Paris:

Paris is the capital of France, it is a beautiful city that was built around a river called “La Seine”. Around Paris, there are many different cities, each one more unique than the other.

This map of Paris on Transport Fever 2 faithfully represents the capital of love. You will find iconic monuments and famous squares such as the Eiffel Tower for example.
More in the suburbs, you will discover the business district of “La Défense”, the castle of “Mont Valérian”, or the market of Rungis, and many other places.

This map of Paris also shows all transportation lines in the city: Trains, subways, buses, streetcars, etc… The lines are already created, you just have to place the vehicles you want.

Assets you cant have:

There are assets you can’t have because they are still being tested and are not public.

– The triumphal arch
– The statue in Republic Square
– The obelisk

Credits: Nicolas Lefranc

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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