Mafia 3 – Real Italians

Real Italians mod for Mafia 3. Gang Vito takes 2nd place in the city. But at the same time his people have no beards and mustaches. This mod adds facial hair to the Vito gansters. The first Rtanner grows a beard. Miller has a mustache.  Jtariff has sideburns. Mmartin with …

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Mafia 2 – Trabant 601

Trabant 601 mod for Mafia 2. Trabant 601 – popular car in Eastern Block, made in Eastern Germany Installation:Scroll down This mod replaces Walter Coupe The model was made by 3dhdscan Installation is very simple – go to your game’s directory, put given files to game files directory, merge all …

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Cities Skylines – Dior Ginza

This is a 2×3 corner L1 Commercial High building based on the Dior building in Ginza, Tokyo Model: 2,261 tris / 1,024×1,024 texture LOD: 26 tris / 256×256 texture Maps: Diffuse, illumination, specular, lod, alpha Model made with Blender Screenshots were taken with the NotSillyAfterDark LUT which makes the contrast …

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