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tunnel-snakes-rules-fallout4mods 0

Fallout 4 – Tunnel Snakes Rules

The Tunnel Snakes are back at the Commonwealth this mod, so you can keep representing the Tunnel Snakes wherever you go! This mod add the original logo of the Tunnel Snakes to the Greaser...

samurai-kimono-fallout4mods 0

Fallout 4 – Samurai Kimono

This is a recolor of the bathrobe to make it more like a kimono. Too bad it still has slippers, but we cant change that until we can change meshes. Would be nice to...

cod2mercilessmod 0

Cod 2 – Merciless Matador Mod (More Blood)

– Blood on player hands – Extra gore (configurable) – Blood splatters on the ground/wall – Pain/death sounds (configurable) – Blood pools under the player when killed – Blood on player camera – Bleeding...