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Best Mafia 2 mods and Mafia The Lost City of Heaven, Mafia 3 mods download :

etc-signals 0

Transport Fever – ETCS Signals

ETCS Signals mod for Transport Fever. ETCS Signals for Transport Fever. This Mod adds the following: – ETCS Stopsignal (Left and Right variants) – ETCS Positionsignal (Left and Right variants) – CAB Beginn and...

obb-1012 0

Transport Fever – ÖBB 1012

Obb 1012 Locomotive mod for Transport Fever. This mod adds the row 1012 from the Austrian Federal Railways. In 1996 ÖBB purchased 3 prototypes of this high-performance locomotice. Although the locomotives proved themselves, they...

mafia3-millitary-jacket 0

Mafia 3 – Military jacket Mod

Military jacket Mod for Mafia 3. -Military skin for racing jacket “Pro-Am” Installation: -Replace “he_jacket_004_race_he_jacket_004_race.sds” in “Mafia III\sds_retail\combinables\auto”