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Transport Fever – Yo Tracks

Yo Tracks mod for Transport Fever. Mod that adds 3 types of tracks with matching catenary, switchbox and bumper. Objects have LODs for better performance. Increased cost of Modern and High-speed tracks to make...

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Transport Fever – Huaihua-City Map

Huaihua-City Map mod for Transport Fever. Huaihua,Hunan Province,China.The homeland of hybrid rice. Map size : large Ratio : 1:1 City : 12 include 鹤城区(He Cheng area),城东区(Cheng Dong area),湖天区(Hu Tian area),锦和(Jing He),麻阳(Ma Yang),芷江(Zhi Jiang),花桥(Hua Qiao),辰溪(Chen...