Hearts of Iron 4 Mods

OWB – The Lucin Republic Hearts of Iron IV

A revolutionary republic lead by an enigmatic ‘Negotiator’. Lead them from small beginnings in the South of New Hammond, to the preparation for their war with the Eighties!

Coming… Eventually?…
– War with Eighties
– Multiple Political Paths
– Negotiator’s Past
– The Lucin Technocracy
– The Failed Experiment
– Good Ol’ Democracy

This mod has been minimally tested and does not include all that I hope it will in the future. College has pushed me to release this now as-is for people to enjoy, should I be forced to not complete it in the future.

Known Issues (This is mostly an error log for myself):
Localisation error in first event
Localisation needed for national spirits
Citadel Firing Steps doesn’t do anything
Missing icon for Sweats of Our Labor

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Required Mod:
Old World Blues

Credits: Tikks

Download Link #1

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