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OWB The Last Station Hearts of Iron IV

Due to some mishaps, the original description for the mod has got deleted and I was not able to recover it yet. On a later note, I’ll write a new one and try to recover the credits list as I don’t want to use the great people art without at least some kind of credit. Until then, here’s a shortlist of what this mod offers:

– a flashed out national focus tree for the Chemult Station
– accompany the Iron Baron, the liaison of the Barons of the NCR and lead the Station into prosperity and realize a dream that maybe would turn out to be a nightmare
– elect the Weaponmonger, a ruthless capitalist and with Acri, the old raider make alliance with the Road Warriors and take down the bear, once and for all

– challenging gameplay based on conquering your neighbours spanning over northern Nevada and all of the Oregon region
– lots of reading material, as it’s story-based, and with that, a high number of references and terrible jokes are present as well
– more than 150 focuses (and almost 200 with the non-functioning, still in development alternative branch)
– 70 events
– 65 decisions
– a unique manpower-law for the Station
– and a lot more!

Credits: McGebe

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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