Hearts of Iron 4 Mods

OWB Rebalance Revival Hearts of Iron IV

This Rebalance mod is dedicated to the Old World Blues multiplayer community to address some of the perceived flaws with the OWB game balance, the goal of the mod is to provide an expansive shift to the unit and technology balance while also integrating several submods with permission from the authors to make the best possible OWB experience. We are very open to feedback and hope to get extensive testing of our balance changes so we can perfect them as we work to improve the mod and add more features and content.

We would like to thank the fantastic people who have helped us with this mod, by either directly contributing to it or allowing us to implement their mods and or use their assets: The Old World Blues dev team, Mr. Blazzar, Krahe, Dziurkacz, Ribilino, Chondrite, Senor Sentro, Mlecz, Rhacius, Doughe, Striker Eureka, Tran, OriginallyHam, Scatterman and Mikael.

Credits: Scatterman, Commander Vex, ~Insert Meme Here~, Uncle Sam, tran

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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