Outbreak Adventure Map Minecraft

Your role as prisoners is to break free and escape into the city, however, there are some surprises waiting for you outside the walls. The city is overrun with infected around every corner, your chances of survival are slim, so find loot containers to increase your small chance of survival as you fend off the infected, navigating your way through the city. Your ultimate goal is to reach the helicopter stationed at the power station, it’ll be there waiting on any survivors, expect the unexpected and do your best to stay alive, good luck, you’re going to need it!


  • All rules are displayed in the map, you’ll be sent through a tutorial mission before actually starting the map.
  • You can select any difficulty but peaceful, You CAN’T play in peaceful otherwise the map won’t work as intended.
  • This map doesn’t use any command blocks other than a few to control the pre made settings (e.g daylight cycle, tile drops, etc) meaning it relies on the original adventure map style of play which is the use of mobs spawning from dispensers and classic parkour play style.
  • This map was originally made in 2013 for console, it was only recently that I decided to allow it to be compatible with JAVA edition, hence why there’s a lack of command blocks used because at the time the map was created command blocks were not available on console.
  • Outbreak is a parkour, puzzle and survival adventure map, in which you must find loot containers throughout the map for weapons and food to help survive against the hundreds of infected roaming the city.
  • DO NOT play in adventure mode, this map is made for survival mode only.
  • The maximum number of players I would recommend is 6.
  • This map can be played solo, however It’s more fun with 2 players.
  • OUTBREAK takes up to 2 hours to complete, so I recommend if you feel yourself getting bored to just take a break and come back to it later.


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