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Open Range Map Transport Fever 2

I am providing you with my Open Range Map that can be played directly or “nicely built”. The fictional map is very large on a scale of 1: 3. It has a lot of space to expand and 1980 is saved as the starting year. There are $ 100,000,000 available which should be enough for the first line expansion. Cities and industry are already in place and a rough road network has been laid out.
I tried to incorporate all the possibilities of landscape design and laid out the “wide open country” as realistically as possible. There is a lot of agriculture, some lakes, rivers, a swamp area, high mountains with valleys, huge forest areas, etc. Many attractions can be admired:
– City “in the water”
– snowy valley with toboggan run
– Fish farming with many ponds
– Zoological Garden
– Racetrack
– nature reserve
– Excavation site
– Deer farm
– golf course
– Vineyards
– campsite
– and much more
The industry is also nicely decorated and neatly laid out. In order to visualize all of this, I used some mods. A list can be found below. All mods used are from the Steam Workshop and can therefore be easily subscribed to in addition to the map.

Many thanks to all the hard-working mod creators and of course to deBorg for the video presentation of the first version of my Open Range Map.

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Ingo

Download Link #1

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