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Obsidian Islands Transport Fever 2

Obsidian Islands is a mix of several real world volcanic island heightmaps and extensive editing to create a fictional landscape focused on not only looking nice, but giving players a lot of challenges. Towns are located in their real world locations and all industries and roads are hand placed for balance. The map is generally sparse compared to others, with most factories being close to the coastal towns, whereas the raw materials are scattered far and wide on the volcanic islands. There are some easier routes to begin with, but it will take some planning to get every resource started, let alone running at high output. The real challenges come from dealing with the landscape. The volcanic islands have harsh terrain and steep slopes everywhere, the coasts are some of the only easily accessible areas. Some other challenges can be found by connecting the islands via bridge, managing the single massive oil refinery, and more. If you enjoy designing a complex network with hill climbing and coastal shipping on beautiful landscape, this map could be for you and take quite a long time to fill out.

Map Details:

Start year: 1890 (the 1850 vehicles have a tough time with the terrain)
Start balance: $5,000,000 loan
Climate: Tropical
Vehicles: Asian
Map size: Large, 1:1

Industries: 72

  • Goods factories: 1
  • Food processing plants: 3
  • Tools factories: 3
  • Fuel refineries: 2
  • Machines factories: 1
  • Construction materials plants: 2
  • Oil refineries: 3
  • Chemical plants: 1
  • Saw mills: 5
  • Steel mills: 2
  • Oil wells: 9
  • Farms: 11
  • Quarries: 3
  • Iron ore mines: 6
  • Coal mines: 6
  • Forests: 14

Credits: AngryMob

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