SignalTransport Fever 2

NS55 Seinstelsel (Uitbreiding 3) Transport Fever 2

NS55 light signals used in the Netherlands. Built from 1954 ans modified in 1967 with the introduction of ATB (Dutch AWS/TPWS).

This package contains light signals of type AY on gantry. These portal signals can often be found at large stations or in places with little space between the tracks. This set consists of signals with and without number box or Matrix signal generator.

They have the following options:
– Centrally operated signal
– Automated signal
– Emergency operation level crossing
– Special danger point
– Modern color order
– Classic color order
– Yellow
– Yellow+4/6/8
– Yellow flashing
– Yellow+4/6/8 Flashing
– Green
– Green flashing
– Green flashing + 6/8

The manual can be found in the base set

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: yellowcake

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