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NS VIRM 2/3: 2021 Flow Transport Fever 2

This series of double-decker trains of the Dutch Railways is well known on intercity lines. It’s been in use since the 90’s but has undergone a number of changes since then; longer trains came with VIRM and a new paint job (along with other modernizations) resulted in VIRM 2/3, the latest and current generation that is being used and modernized, and with a entire new appearence for the Dutch Railways!


Beware that the TEXTURE is still being edited here and there, I am limited with the model as for example the engine’s front entry doors are supposed to be yellow. I am working on a resolution for it. Thankyou for understanding and enjoy.


  • Interior.
  • Recolorable.
  • Animated Doors.
  • Cabin Driver.
  • Variants menu.
  • Working destination display.
  • Reverse driving.

Credits: Flynn

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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