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NS Bolkoprijtuigen & Plan D Transport Fever 2

Finally, a wagon that fits with the turcquioise Class 1100, 1200 and 1300! (I know you were all waiting for it)

The “Bolkoprijtuigen” were wagons used by the Dutch Railways known for their rounded front and back ends (“Bolkop” means “Round head”). Wagons in this style were first built in the 1930’s. In the 1950’s an improved series of wagons based on the same design was built (known as “Plan D”).

Included vehicles:
Bolkoprijtuig (Green) – 1934-1956
Bolkoprijtuig (Prussian Blue) – 1956-1973
Bolkoprijtuig Plan D (Turcquoise) – 1950-1956
Bolkoprijtuig Plan D (Prussian Blue)- 1953-1978

Passenger capacity: 18
Max Speed: 140 km/h

* Interior
* Visible passengers
* Animated doors
* Recolorable
* Variants Menu

Credits: oppiescc

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