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NS 6400 Transport Fever 2

This locomotive was conceived by the Nederlandse Spoorwegen in the 1980s as a replacement for an ageing fleet of diesel locomotives. Since most of the network was electrified for a long time by then, this locomotive could take up the combined task of shunting, cargo collecting and hauling freight trains over the few un-electrified routes. After a few ideas about a double-cab design, a slightly modified version of an existing Machinebau Kiel (MaK) diesel-electric type was ordered. The locomotives served with the NS up until the privatisation of the cargo branch transferred the locomotives to NS cargo, and almost directly after that to Railion, that absorbed the new company rather quickly. Not long after that Railion itself got fused into DB cargo, the current main user of the 6400 type still mostly in the Netherlands.

Available from 1988
max speed of 120 km/h
1180 kW of power
305 kN of tractive effort
weighs 82 tonnes

Credits: jorg2

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