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New Flyer XD/XDE40 Transport Fever 2

The New Flyer Industries XD40 is a diesel transit bus from New Flyers Xcelsior line. The XD40 was introduced as the full diesel option of the Xcelsior in 2008, but it was not until 2010 when operators began ordering this model. The XDE model is for the Hybrid diesel electric version.


CT Transit Late livery
CT Transit Early livery
Miway Local
Miway Express

Max Speed : 100 km/h
Engine type : Diesel
Power : 280 kW
Capacity : 22
Emission : 66
Weight : 12t
Build date : 2008
Lifespan : 50 years
Price : $675.597
Maint/year : $112.600

If you asking about increasing capacity, I’m really sorry because I will not change it due to in game balancing. Just a fact in transport fever, 1 capacity equal 4 person. If you want to increase it like in real life, feel free to use real capacity mod from other modder. Thank you!

Credits: Dadang Ngegame

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