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NEP 750mm Infrastrukturpack Transport Fever 2

Here you can find our ´´NEP 750mm infrastructure pack´´ mod.

The following is included in the mod:

750mm tracks (Wood, concrete & Y ties based on the NEP² tracks, thanks Yoshi (compatible with the Austria Fever 760mm tracks (The tracks have no visible catenary)).
Depot with two usable tracks (two depots in one (converted from the TF Depot by UnixRoot))
Persons station from Maverick2002 converted by MaikC and partly new textures from me.
A standard shape signal, from the German Signal Pack (Compatible with German Signal Pack (ex German shape signal TpF2 version) – Transport Fever Community and the NEP²).
Have fun with it.

In this mod are included ONLY tracks in 750mm.

The station additionally supports the following track mods:

— 760mm from the following pack
— Vienna Fever: infrastructure

— 1000mm from following pack
— Track package with 750mm 1000mm for TPF2

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Grimes, MaikC, Maverick2002

Download Link #1

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