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MPI MP40PH Transport Fever 2

MPXpress is a series of diesel-electric passenger train locomotives designed for commuter rail service. The locomotives are built by MotivePower, a subsidiary of Wabtec. To date, MPI has offered five main variants: MP36PH-3S, MP36PH-3C, MP40PH-3C, MP32PH-Q, and MP54AC. However, due to federal emissions standards, the MP54AC is the only locomotive currently for sale in the United States, as it is the only MPXpress locomotive that meets Tier 4 standards.Include

– Go Transit early and late colour
– Metrolink
– Sounder
– CalTrain


Max Speed : 150 km/h
Engine type : Diesel
Power : 3000 kW
Tractive effort : 200 kN
Emission : 69
Weight : 129 t
Build date : 2003
Lifespan : 50 years
Price : $11.625.662
Maint/year : $1.937.610

Credits: Dadang Ngegame

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