ScriptsTransport Fever 2

More Line & Station Infos Transport Fever 2

Interactive Line Statistics Menu
Additional Information for linestops
Additional Information on the destinations of Passengers
Enhanced Stationwindow: Adding Destinations for Sims and Cargo.

This mod is still in beta and might crash if used on huge stations (with many hundreds of Passengers Waiting – only if you want to display the destinations tab)

If you miss any features or find a bug, please either send me a message or post it in the discussions.

Release Notes:
v0.16 Nullpointer issue for station area.
v0.15 Bugfix for Shiplines
v0.14 Performance improvement, reduced unload logging to just required info. Naming Bugfix
v0.13 Fix for missing Industry

Credits: TransportTycoon_Joker

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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