Total War: ATTILA

More Historical Vanilla Roman Reskin (Pagan Version) Total War Attila

This is a different version of the ‘More Historical Vanilla Roman Reskin’ mod which removes the christian imagery from the Roman units and replaces it with that of neutral or pagan imagery.

The mod changes the following from the previous mod.

Replaced the christian banners with those of pagan symbolism.
Replaced unit shields with christian symbolism with that of patterns which are religiously neutral.

Description from the original mod.

Eastern, Western and Defector Units including the Bagaudae have been reskined
Naval units have also as well been reskined
Generals and Faction leaders have been reskined
Civilians are reskined
Spy and Companion agents are reskined

Click here to download with Steam Workshop.

Credits: Imperial Italic G

Download Link #1

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