BridgeTransport Fever 2

Modular Uniform Roads Streets Transport Fever 2


Modular. Uniform. Roads. Streets. – This is the meaning of MURS. There are two main features in this mod and you have the decision which of them you’d like to use.

Modular roads:

Main feature No. 1 is the high number of modular roads. In this case, modular means you can choose roads with 1-9 lanes while the design and the speed limit of each road don’t change. The number of lanes is the total number of lanes of a road, so a 9-lane road can be divided into a 9+0-, a 8+1-, a 7+2-, a 6+3- or a 5+4-lane road.

Uniform design:

Main feature No. 2 is the uniform design of all roads. This also concerns the base roads that are included in this mod too. Base roads are very similar to the vanilla 2-lane roads and are only available as a wide and a narrow 2-lane road. Their design fits perfectly to the modular roads, but also to the included bridges or entries of depots and street stations.

Roads & Streets:

All roads are available in a town and a country version. The town versions feature a lower speed limit, assets, sidewalks and allow buildings next to the street.

History of roads:

To create a realistic gameplay, the design and the amount of roads changes by time. The changes are seperated into two groups:

General changes
There are three generations of road design. The first generation can be built until 1899. The second generation is available from 1900 to 1949 and the third generation is available from 1950.

Those changes contain:
• Change of road pavements and markings (also on bridges or depot and station entries)
• Change of sidewalks, assets and traffic lights
• Change of speed limits and prices

Credits: idoT

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