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Modern Tram Depot Cities Skylines

This ‘Modern Tram Depot’ asset was is modelled off by the tram depot found in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The size has been slightly modified to be smaller for more versatility

This pack contains a Modern Tram depot asset and a Modern Tram Depot Office building. The Tram Depot is split up into 2 buildings, the depot building and the office building. They have been made so the tram depot sits behind the office while maintaining a road connection (you may need to tweak it slightly with moveit to get a perfect fit).

The Tram Depot needs to be placed on perfectly flat ground as height elevations will cause the internal tram roads to appear out the top of the building

The office building acts a unique building while the depot building acts as a tram depot. They both have been modelled with vanilla props which can be removed by using a prop switching/removal mod. Be sure to subscribe to the required asset

Tri count:
-Tram Depot building = 395
-Tram Depot office building = 152

Textures = 1024×1024

Credits: Cyber Scythe X

Download Link #1 Download Link #2

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