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MK3 Coaches – Stepford Express Pack (Read Desc) Transport Fever 2

This pack has already been on steam before, Under the name Class 43 HST, Stepford Express Pack , Which was removed from steam, Due to me having a dispute with the HST Creator, Killakanz, Due to past relations. As a result of this, He DMCA’ed the pack off steam without prior warning, And there’s not really too much I can do about it. As a result of this, I also can’t use any of his work, atleast by publishing it here.

However, The rule only involved steam, So, I will still continue making reskins using his work, However, This can’t be published to steam, Without action being taken by killakanz. My discord server is here if you want to see what I’m working on, Including my SCR Reskinning project, And also receive these extra releases:

The British Rail MK3 Coach, Is a formerly common passenger coach, Found in the UK. Born in the 1970s, As part of the then interim Class 43 HST, It was a mainstay of mainline services here in the UK, Until as late as 2019/2020/2021, With the pandemic accelerating the withdrawal of these vehicles. However, Some are still in use, Particularly with CrossCountry and CrossCountry, Who have modified thier MK3 coaches to meet modern disability and safety standards, Aswell as with charter operators.

These particular examples, Are found in the game known as Stepford County Railway, Which is a popular game on the development platform, Known as Roblox. In game, These coaches are paired with Class 43 HST powercars, To form a High Speed Train formation. However, Due to the reasons above, I am unable to include the powercars in this pack. However, They run nicely with any locohauled operations, You may wish to do.

Credits: Kieran's Transport Diaries

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