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Minecraft – The Miness Puzzle Map

The Miness Puzzle Map mod for Minecraft. I’m a 12 year old who absolutely loves The Witness by Jonathan Blow. I’ve tried to recreate its type of puzzles where you gradually figure out the puzzle mechanic. Plus: lasers, environmental puzzles, secret ending, and ofcourse a big mountain in the final …

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Minecraft – Shadow Parkour Map

Shadow Parkour Map mod for Minecraft. With your shadow following 3 seconds behind your every action. Use it to complete 12 levels of parkour, with brand new features in each. What if you could go back in time? What if you could freeze time itself? And there’s more.

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Minecraft – Dyemona 2: Labin Story Horror Map

Dyemona 2: Labin Story Horror Map mod for Minecraft. This game contains flashy imagery and blood! (and jumpscares too) Dyemona 2: Labin Story is the sequel to Dyemona. If you haven’t played the first map, I highly suggest you play it before playing this map to understand its storyline! (or you can …

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Minecraft – The Contagion Horror Map

The Contagion Horror Map mod for Minecraft. As a middle-aged journalist, you have decided to plunge down on one of the latest news articles at a local news web in regards to a disease located in a town. This disease grew largely and has spread through the outskirts of the …

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Minecraft – A Quest for Ad Revenue Map

A Quest for Ad Revenue Map mod for Minecraft. Fight your way through YouTube hell to reclaim the treasure trove of stolen ad revenue. The map contains custom dialogue, various mob fights, a maze of Creepers, and a boss fight against the CEO of YouTube. Can you win before your …

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Minecraft – The Kingdom Survival Map

The Kingdom Survival Map mod for Map Version 1.0 This map was made by 5 days by using WorldPainter. Your stuck in the island with the kingdom. Features: *The map is diffrent that the normal map. *and the ores are slighty commoner that you think almost 2%. Gameplay Instructions: This …

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