Minecraft – Zombie World Map

A little game with the objective of surviving zombies that are being summoned back from the dead! You play in a world in which zombie spawners have been planted around and you try to subdue…

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Minecraft – FTB – Xmas Edition Finding Map

Play 10 Levels Of Christmas Find The Button For Great Christmas Fun! Try Not To Die. If you die you have to restart what makes it harder. Have Fun!

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Minecraft – The Rise of a Shulker Box Map

Want to know what happens when shulkers are in danger? They just hide in their boxes. Huh. They are in danger just like you. So they rather help you escape… This short 10-15 minutes long…

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Minecraft – Realism Survival Island Map (1.14.4)

Welcome to Survival Island! This map was made for people tired of small islands with only one tree. This map is insane, with exclusive, massive trees; a cave system stretching across the entire island and…

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Minecraft – Shop Survival Map (1.14)

Shop survival is a new way to play minecraft. Trade your coal, iron gold, diamonds and emeralds into special tokens to buy lots of useful items. It removes the grind of gathering all of your…

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Minecraft – Galactic Waste of Time 2 Map (1.14.2)

I planned to have it out ages ago, but my computer screwed up and deleted the almost-complete map. 🙁 But in some ways, that was good, because that allowed me to make it way more…

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Minecraft – Bessemer City Map (1.14.4)

Bessemer City is a project started back in January 2017 by xSlayer72 and ProjectFox, and is set in Eastern Tennessee. The city began its humble beginning as a small roleplay map with a couple buildings…

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Minecraft – Chunk Defense Map (1.14.3)

Welcome to Chunk Defense. In this map, you are given a small plot of land surrounded by bedrock, and you have to make the most of it to survive while defending against 100 waves of…

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