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Minecraft – Mini Survival Map

Mini Survival Map mod for Minecraft. Start in a 5×5 Minecraft world and try to survive, mine, and build your way up in this tiny world! Every Minecraft day the world will expand by a block! If you see a bedrock platform in the sky, that’s the machine that makes …

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Minecraft – AquaDome Survival Map

AquaDome Survival Map mod for Minecraft. In AquaDome you encounter yourself in the middle of the ocean, all you have is a small glass dome with a tree, some grass and a single see. Your job is to survive no matter the cost, some pro tips are: Eat Dried Kelp, …

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Minecraft – The Kingdom Survival Map

The Kingdom Survival Map mod for Map Version 1.0 This map was made by 5 days by using WorldPainter. Your stuck in the island with the kingdom. Features: *The map is diffrent that the normal map. *and the ores are slighty commoner that you think almost 2%. Gameplay Instructions: This …

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Minecraft – Timer Rush Survival Map

Timer Rush Survival Map mod for Minecraft Version 1.0 and Map Version 1.10.2 You have a limited amount of time to gather everything you can and survive on a flat with it! Features: Custom crafting recipes Challenging hard mode Mob encasers (turn mobs into eggs) Rules: Do not create nether …

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Minecraft – Skybonus Remastered Survival Map


Skybonus Remastered Survival Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.1 SkyBonus isn’t a normal SkyBlock. It’s special, there are lots of objectives to do and there is also a monument to complete. In every island there’s a level bonus where you can find a special minigame, a prize or a …

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Minecraft – Volcano Survival Island Map


Volcano Survival Island Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0 Test your survival skills as you try to make progress on this survival island! Are you an expert in survival? Maybe you find vanilla survival worlds too boring? This map is for you. This map, for the most part, is just …

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