Minecraft – Masterminds Puzzle Map (1.14.4)

These puzzles are difficult. You will have to really think and recall small details to solve some of them. Single Player only – Particles On (decreased or high) – Sound on – Render distance 10+…

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Minecraft – Escape from Dernia Puzzle Map (1.15)

Escape from Dernia is a puzzle/escape map that takes you through the abandoned town of Dernia. A factory explosion blocked off some of the road and led to everyone finding ways out of the city….

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Minecraft – Unfair Gate Puzzle Map

This map is for one player Minecraft Version 1.14.4 Render Distance: 8+ chunks Particles: All

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Minecraft – Escape: Cell Block X Puzzle Map

ESCAPE: Cell Block X is a puzzle map in which you need to escape from a prison by completing mazes, puzzles, parkour, and more! Rules: Be in adventure mode with render distance at 12 chunks and clouds…

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Minecraft – Symmetry Puzzle Map

With dozens of challenges and puzzles to solve, making a canvas symmetrical is a lot harder than it seems! Hi and welcome to Symmetry! With dozens of levels and challenges to solve, Symmetry brings a…

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Minecraft – Secret Rooms 2 Puzzle Map

Are you ready to discover all new Secret Rooms? Like it’s predecessor, Secret Rooms, Secret Rooms 2 is made up of 5 levels, each containing 5 hidden rooms. Each of these hidden rooms has its…

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Minecraft – The Miness Puzzle Map

The Miness Puzzle Map mod for Minecraft. I’m a 12 year old who absolutely loves The Witness by Jonathan Blow. I’ve tried to recreate its type of puzzles where you gradually figure out the puzzle…

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Minecraft – Unfair Creeper! Aw Man! Puzzle Map

Unfair Creeper! Aw Man! Puzzle Map mod for Minecraft Version 1.0 “Creeper? Aw man!” If you’ve heard this line then you know what this is. But for those who have been laying under the rock…

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