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Minecraft – The King of Parkour Land Map

The King of Parkour Land Map mod for Minecraft. Welcome to Parkour Land! Inspired by the aesthetic design from “Donkey Kong Country Returns” and “Tropical Freeze”, this is a parkour map like none other. In this map, you will be exploring highly detailed sandbox levels, ranging from canyon cliffs to …

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Minecraft – Shadow Parkour Map

Shadow Parkour Map mod for Minecraft. With your shadow following 3 seconds behind your every action. Use it to complete 12 levels of parkour, with brand new features in each. What if you could go back in time? What if you could freeze time itself? And there’s more.

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Minecraft – Good Luck Parkour Map

Good Luck Parkour Map mod for Minecraft. A 15 mini-level parkour tunnel map made by Viety. This map was made in a few hours, however it may take you even longer than that to complete. This map offers a variety of jumps, from triple neos, to blip ups, to 5 …

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Minecraft – Command Run Parkour Map

Command Run Parkour Map mod for Minecraft. This map is single player only and is made for use in 1.12.2 This map takes parkour to the next level by using command blocks to allow wall running, wall jumping, and sliding under objects. The first half of the map is relatively …

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Minecraft – Matharia: Beta Preview

Matharia: Beta Preview Map mod for Minecraft. Welcome to Matharia. Visit various different settings from a forest in spring to a desert in summer, and take on the challenges they provide to advance to more increasingly difficult sectors. There is no shortage of secrets – try to find some of …

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Minecraft – Tactical Parkour Map


Tactical Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0 Tactical Parkour is a Parkour Map that tests your skill on relying on Checkpoints once in a while! This is a Medium Length Parkour Map, so if your too good, you might complete in under 10 Minutes :/ ! Made by one …

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