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Minecraft – Minecon Earth 2017 Creation Map


Minecon Earth 2017 Creation Map Minecraft Version 1.8.9 Map Version 1.0 Note: You can play this on any Minecraft version above 1.8.9! Have you seen the Minecon Earth article on the Launcher? If yes you know the gif that is there, depicting a cube-earth, built on minecraft. Not finding maps of …

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Minecraft – Halloween Adventure Map


Halloween Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0 For a dare, you and your friends went camping in the Haunted Forest! You are woken by a voice calling your name. Emerging from the tent you see a frightening face in front of you! It is a Demon, who tells you …

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Minecraft – Herofair Amusement Park Creation Map


Herofair Amusement Park Creation Map inecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.2 Welcome to the HeroFair Amusement Park! Home to many different rides and games! With never-seen-before content that took 8 months to make, you will not be disappointed in the amazing content! After you’ve tried the rides, play the games and …

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Minecraft – Titanic Creation Map


Titanic Creation Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0 The most popular ship in history recreated in minecraft with insane attention to details! This build is in 1:1 scale and almost identical to the original. My goal was to make it as similar as I could. You will be spawned in …

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Minecraft – Old Skies Creation Map


Old Skies Creation Map Minecraft Version 1.8 Map Version 1.0 Hello everybody! If you are tired of playing in the already bored standard types of the world, then try playing on my map. 9 square kilometers of floating islands (3072*3072 blocks). Most of the islands are huge, but also hundreds of …

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Minecraft – Catching Fire Creation Map


Catching Fire Creation Map Minecraft Version 1.11 Map Version 1.0 This is a replica of the Hunger Games arena of the second Hunger Game’s book, Catching Fire. This map was not made to be played but it is possible, if you wish to play this map, each player must start …

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