Minecraft – Save Santa Again Adventure Map (1.15.1)

The Pumpkin King has kidnapped Santa once again! This time he wants you to retrieve three special items for him, or else he’ll keep Santa trapped forever! You’ll have to travel across special lands to…

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Minecraft – Galactic Waste of Time 2 Map (1.14.2)

I planned to have it out ages ago, but my computer screwed up and deleted the almost-complete map. 🙁 But in some ways, that was good, because that allowed me to make it way more…

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Minecraft – Legends of Puaba Adventure Map

In the small town of Puaba, a settlement nestled on an island deep in the ocean, a terrible blight has taken over. Crops are failing and people are dying. You must find the cause of…

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Minecraft – Beautiful Dreamer Adventure Map

Beautiful Dreamer Adventure Map mod for Minecraft. You are an ordinary human lost deep in his wildest dreams. Rushing into the fantasy of the diversity of the dreamworld, experience a series of thrilling events, facing…

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Minecraft – Novena Adventure Map

Novena Adventure Map mod for Minecraft. Novena: a bitsy poem Original game by haraiva on itch.io Bitsy Ocean Jam Made with Craftsy:

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Minecraft – Virus Adventure Map

Virus Adventure Map mod for Minecraft. Get in. Get blood. Get out. This is a short, vanilla, mild-horror-adventure map that was born out of the idea, “What if I made a Minecraft thing with flickering…

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Minecraft – A Quest for Ad Revenue Map

A Quest for Ad Revenue Map mod for Minecraft. Fight your way through YouTube hell to reclaim the treasure trove of stolen ad revenue. The map contains custom dialogue, various mob fights, a maze of…

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Minecraft – Boy Santa Has It Tough Adventure Map

Boy Santa Has It Tough Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.2 It’s Christmas night… and Santa is really busy. Actually, “busy” is quite an understatement for having to make 780 million deliveries in 12…

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