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Minecraft – Beautiful Dreamer Adventure Map

Beautiful Dreamer Adventure Map mod for Minecraft. You are an ordinary human lost deep in his wildest dreams. Rushing into the fantasy of the diversity of the dreamworld, experience a series of thrilling events, facing puzzle, parkour and dropper trials. Never seen before, you have the one-way ticket to see …

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Minecraft – The King of Parkour Land Map

The King of Parkour Land Map mod for Minecraft. Welcome to Parkour Land! Inspired by the aesthetic design from “Donkey Kong Country Returns” and “Tropical Freeze”, this is a parkour map like none other. In this map, you will be exploring highly detailed sandbox levels, ranging from canyon cliffs to …

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Minecraft – Virus Adventure Map

Virus Adventure Map mod for Minecraft. Get in. Get blood. Get out. This is a short, vanilla, mild-horror-adventure map that was born out of the idea, “What if I made a Minecraft thing with flickering lights?” You’re playing a government agent who has been sent to eliminate a viral outbreak …

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Minecraft – Modern Mountain Map

Modern Mountain Map mod for Minecraft. It provides a sheik comfortable retreat as you return home from your adventures. This house has 2 guest rooms and a master bedroom, a games room, and a large living area. Divided into two halves; above the kitchen and dining area, below (the larger …

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Minecraft – Mini Survival Map

Mini Survival Map mod for Minecraft. Start in a 5×5 Minecraft world and try to survive, mine, and build your way up in this tiny world! Every Minecraft day the world will expand by a block! If you see a bedrock platform in the sky, that’s the machine that makes …

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