Minecraft – Masterminds Puzzle Map (1.14.4)

These puzzles are difficult. You will have to really think and recall small details to solve some of them. Single Player only – Particles On (decreased or high) – Sound on – Render distance 10+…

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Minecraft – Beeblock Islands Survival Map (1.15.1)

BeeBlock Islands is a map similar to the original Skyblock by Noobcrew. You are on an island with other islands around it, and you have a glass cube with a bee nest inside of it….

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Minecraft – Save Santa Again Adventure Map (1.15.1)

The Pumpkin King has kidnapped Santa once again! This time he wants you to retrieve three special items for him, or else he’ll keep Santa trapped forever! You’ll have to travel across special lands to…

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Minecraft – Swap Parkour Map (1.15)

A parkour map where to pass each level you need to, you guessed it, SWAP! The map has 15 Levels and adds new mechanics throughout the game. Play in 1.15 (The map contains the new…

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Minecraft – Escape from Dernia Puzzle Map (1.15)

Escape from Dernia is a puzzle/escape map that takes you through the abandoned town of Dernia. A factory explosion blocked off some of the road and led to everyone finding ways out of the city….

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Minecraft – Lockwood Parkour Map (1.15)

Play A Total Of 6 Fun ( And Possibly Infuriating) Levels! Map Is For 1 Player. If You Play Please Do Not Claim It As Your Own Map.

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Minecraft – Unfair Gate Puzzle Map

This map is for one player Minecraft Version 1.14.4 Render Distance: 8+ chunks Particles: All

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Minecraft – Easy SkyBlock Survival Map

If you are creative but still want the feel of skyblock, or the original is to hard, ooorr you are bored, then this is the map for you. This is an easy survival map where…

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