Minecraft – Zombie World Map

A little game with the objective of surviving zombies that are being summoned back from the dead!

You play in a world in which zombie spawners have been planted around and you try to subdue them and keep yourself alive.

Defend yourself with one out of four selectable shot types (Based on touhou project games) that you use to shoot at zombies.

 Score is collected by killing a light blue “score” slime that zombies drop.

 You shoot more bullets once you reach a certain power-up value. You can power-up up to 3 times. 

 Defines the amount of points you earn from killing score slimes.

 Allows more zombies to spawn, the max value depends on the difficulty you are playing.
 Multiplies your score at the end by your rank’s value

This game contains a feature which allows to save your stats once you die/win.
You can have up to 6 saves at one time you can look at in the lobby.

Youget to choose between playing:

 You survive for one minecraft night, win when day comes

 It is always night. Try to get a good score!

Choose between 4 game difficulties which change the stuff you start with and allow the game to get harder.

-This map currently has 2 maps in total, planning to change in the future.


Download Minecraft – Zombie World Map -


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