Minecraft – What Happened? Adventure Map

What Happened? Adventure Map Minecraft Version: 1.10.2 Map Version 1.0


I’m Daan, Also known as TheFallenPie.

I’ve been working on this map for quite a long time now, and it’s finally finished.

Important: It’s made for 1.10.2, which might be a problem for some people.

It will not work in later versions. I am trying to update it to 1.11, but by the time I’ve done that 1.13 will probably be out already, which might change the commands again. So it’s kind of pointless for me to update yet.

It’s a map about a zombie apocalypse. It’s your job to find out what happened.

I can’t give too much details on what it’s about, since that would spoil everything.

I’ve had a few people test it, and I tested it a few times as well. It’s not the prettiest in some places, but that’s just some minor details of the map which I might come back to later. (It doesn’t ruin anything other than looks). It’s mostly in places you rarely visit, so it shouldn’t bother anyone.

There might still be some problems with the map, if you find any mistakes, please let me know.

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Important: This map is made for singleplayer, it breaks when there’s multiple people.

I’ve tried to make it as “multiplayer friendly” as possible but some things just don’t work, which really breaks the map.

So there’s no real point in trying. If you still want to play with a friend, don’t blame me or the map for any things that might not work properly.


  • Fixed a problem when failing the jump in the hole.
  • Fixed the overflow of silverfish in the first Boss battle.
  • There are now more hints on where to go.
  • The 5th Boss battle is now slightly easier.
  • The 6th Boss battle now has less buttons.
  • The 7th Boss battle is now easier.
  • The fire now extinguishes after 2 minutes in the 7th Boss battle.


File Details:26.5 MB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – What Happened? Adventure Map -


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  1. It’s really weird to see my map being posted on different sites without me knowing, but I’m not complaining as long as I get credited x)

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