Minecraft – War of Champions – A Vanilla Moba PVP Map

War of Champions – A Vanilla Moba PVP Map for Minecraft Version 1.15.2

What is a MOBA?
MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. You might know such popular MOBAs as League of Legends, DOTA, and Heroes of the Storm. They are fun, team-based strategy games with a typically steep learning curve. Two teams compete against each other in order “to destroy the opposing team’s main structure,” as Wikipedia describes it.
When I first began designing War of Champions, I tried to emulate the experience of a popular MOBA game into vanilla Minecraft, that is, without any mods involved (besides WorldEdit, of course!).

What is War of Champions?
War of Champions is a MOBA experience built for groups of friends looking to play competitive Minecraft. There are two teams: the Gold team and the Purple team. Unlike most MOBAs, the game is 4v4, that is, 4 players on each team, for 8 players total. Each player controls a unique character at the start of the game. Each character has unique passives, abilities, weapons, and even ultimate abilities – super powerful effects that come at a high cost! From tanks to supports, assassins to mages, you are bound to find a character that fits your play style!

The objective of War of Champions is to dethrone the enemy team. You accomplish this by placing The Button on your opponent’s throne and pressing it. Your opponent’s throne is located in their base, so it is going to be a challenge getting there!

The economy in most MOBAs is based around gold. In War of Champions, we use nuggets! You collect nuggets by slaying monsters in the jungle, which is located on both sides of the map. On the Gold team, your jungle camps will drop gold nuggets. On the Purple team, your jungle camps will drop iron nuggets! Nuggets are used in both the Shops and your character’s Trait Shop.

The Shops
In the shops, you can use your team’s nuggets to purchase items such as armor, swords, potions, and enchanted books. Most importantly, nuggets are used for purchasing critical items from the Critical Dealer. The Critical Dealer sells two of three important items: the Iron Pickaxe and the Diamond Pickaxe. The Iron Pickaxe allows you to break into the enemy’s jungle in order to collect nuggets of their type, rather than just your own! The Diamond Pickaxe requires both types of nuggets, and allows you to break into the enemy’s base through Center Lane. Center Lane is located between the jungles, and is a one way bridge blocked off by several obsidian barriers. The Diamond Pickaxe will allow you to break through your opponent’s barriers! The third important item is The Button, sold by the Button Dealer. Both types of nuggets are required to purchase this, but this is how you ultimately win the game!

Trait Shops
Each character has access to their own trait shop, which they can access from the shops via teleportation pad. Trait shops are shops where you can purchase extra traits that may run out, such as potions. You can also purchase your character’s ultimate trait here, which are unique and powerful abilities!

Constant Updates
War of Champions is forever in BETA, and will be updated constantly with balance changes, new characters, and other changes such as new purchasable skins using in-game currency! The game has already been updated a bunch prior to its Minecraft Maps debut!

Ready to Battle on Champion’s Battlegrounds?
Unlike most MOBAs, War of Champions is much easier than it looks. After one or two games, you will get the hang of what to do, and will be able to start fine-tuning your play style! Ready to play? Join us in battle on Champion’s Battlegrounds today!


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