Minecraft – Volcano Valley Parkour Map

Volcano Valley Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

Hello people of the World! Its me MCisthebomb!

This is my first EVER Minecraft map upload!

Jump from pillar to pillar while being dangerously suspended over a huge lava river! Where did all of it come from? No one knows! All we do know is that they call it Volcano Valley!

This map will take 25-35 minutes to complete!

If this is PrestonPlayz…Thanks so much for being a light to the world!


This map contains:

  • Extremely hard parkour!
  • Command block checkpoints
  • A Fails tracker
  • Cool flying helicopter 🙂

Types of Jumps:

  • Cacti
  • Potted Cacti
  • End Rods
  • Ladders
  • Pillars
  • Elytra
  • Slimes
  • Iron Bars
  • Fences


Download - Minecraft – Volcano Valley Parkour Map

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