Minecraft – Void Matrix CTM Map

Void Matrix CTM Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 2.0

Are you worthy to gain the power of ascension? Prove yourself!

The Void Matrix is a CTM adventure map for Minecraft 1.12 which will challenge you with fun and unique levels filled with secrets.

Additional Info:

  • Prepare yourself for a challenging array of trials including dungeons, puzzles, parkour, mini-games and boss battles!
  • Multiplayer support with up to 4 players!
  • Uncover the truth behind the power of the Void Matrix through a lore rich narrative, with multiple endings.
  • Find over 30 hidden secrets!
  • Control insane weapons and experience interesting mechanics!
  • Witness polished level design with awe inspiring builds!



  • Polished level progression and void crafting sequence
  • Improved usage of Void Shards
  • Improved level 1 intelligence
  • Made level 2 endurance easier
  • You now die faster after failing in level 3 intelligence
  • Added more secrets
  • Minor tweaks to lobby rules and info
  • Fixed a typo regarding map version
  • Fixed a bug preventing some players from reaching the final level


File Details:10.2 MB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – Void Matrix CTM Map - Modsup.com


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