Minecraft – Virus Adventure Map

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Virus Adventure Map mod for Minecraft.

Get in. Get blood. Get out.

This is a short, vanilla, mild-horror-adventure map that was born out of the idea, “What if I made a Minecraft thing with flickering lights?” You’re playing a government agent who has been sent to eliminate a viral outbreak at a tiny hospital in the middle of nowhere. Your objectives:

  • Restore power to the building. (optional)
  • Collect 20 blood samples.
  • Destroy Patient Zero and bring his head back for analysis.


  • Do whatever you want!
  • I advise playing in adventure mode, on normal difficulty (the map will automatically do this), with moody brightness settings.
  • The map will probably take 10-20 minutes if you don’t die.
  • If you die, you’ll go back to the beginning and the map resets when you reenter the level.

I’m a casual player who likes creating stories and worlds, and Minecraft has been a fun outlet to do that. I’ve built several, both big and small, but this is one of the first that I wanted to put out there. I made it in a three-day period while waiting for Hurricane Dorian to hit the American coast. If you like it, let me know – I might make more!



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