Minecraft – VIRGO Horror Map

VIRGO Horror Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.03

You are a simple utility droid on a transport class interplanetary spaceship. The computer of the ship boots you up to investigate a distress signal from a drifting escape pod. You decide to dock it and see what’s wrong…

  • Explore a big and detailed spaceship.
  • Install and use custom applications on the droid you control.
  • Enjoy the immersive atmosphere
  • Be terrified by the vastness of space..

This a short puzzle/horror science fiction themed adventure map. It involves a lot of custom models, textures and sounds to make for an immersive experience.

About 30 Minutes of intense gameplay.

The map has been created and tested in Minecraft 17w06a. It is recommended to play in it too.

The resource pack is included in the download and must be used with the map.

Credits: FALLDAMAGE312

File Details:20.6 MB / ZIP
Download Minecraft – VIRGO Horror Map - Modsup.com


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