Minecraft – Villager Trouble 2 Adventure Map

Villager Trouble 2 Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

Welcome again to Villager Trouble 2! by Jass.

It’s back! you still remember you found a virus into Beacon Heart room, but this time, in this day, you have to save Mr.German and others from the evil Evoker! Can you find them?

This is the sequel for Villager Trouble 1. recommended to you to play the first one before this! (Villager Trouble)

I hope you will enjoy it! i got some helps in building from my little bro.

If this game reach 200+ Likes ill make Villager Trouble 3! and thank you ThxCya for playing Villager Trouble!

And thanks! Fell free to comment any bugs to be fixed in this game.

Don’t cheat!
Play on Game mode 2
Set difficulty to : Normal
Set render Distance to 10+ to avoid bugs! (Important)
Set music: On and all other sounds
Read more rules in-game
If you get the X-Bow use it only to open a secret gate
Fight the vex if you reach the boss
Save the villagers from the guards!
Don’t kill the witches


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