Minecraft – Uniqueimpacts Puzzle Box Map

Uniqueimpacts Puzzle Box Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

UniqueImpact’s Puzzle Box is a brand new puzzle map with fun and creative puzzles, a unique map layout and plenty of interesting, original challenges that will really keep you thinking! Your objective is to navigate the puzzle box, slowly solving all of the puzzles until you reach the end! To navigate the gauntlet of puzzles, you will have to constantly adapt to learn new mechanics, while remembering some old ones. Are you smart enough to defeat the puzzle box?

Features & Mechanics:

UniqueImpact’s Puzzle Box is a puzzle map which combines many different puzzle elements, new and old, and puts them together in one map! The puzzles are spread throughout the map, which is in the shape of a 3×3 grid of rooms. The layout of the map means that some of the challenge comes from memorising the rooms, and remembering where you need to go next after you have completed a puzzle; doing something in one room may allow you to do something new in another room.

I know how annoying it can be when you’re playing a map, and something breaks, or just doesn’t work. Because of this, i tested the map with over 20 people to make sure the map is nice and bug free, so you can enjoy the map as much as possible without having to fix broken puzzles or cheat past impossible sections.

Important Info:

Please only play this map on singleplayer. I know, for certain, that this map does NOT work with more than 1 person. Additionally, please do not cheat on this map. If you do, you may easily accidentally break the map, or skip puzzles unintentionally. If you feel like cheating, please consider using this walkthrough first. Please play this map on a vanilla 1.12 world or server. Do not play on another version, and do not play with any mods or plugins. Lastly, if you do play this map on a server, make sure you turn command blocks on. The map uses a lot of command blocks, and just won’t work without them on.


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