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Minecraft – This is The Only Level Parkour Map

This is The Only Level Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

Based on the original flash-game developed by Armor Games and programmed by jmtb02, “This is the Only Level” is a simple, yet challenging parkour/puzzle map for the casual player.

There is only one level, but beware, nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

The 21 stages will offer diverse amusement and challenge for everyone. This is a map that is easy to play, but will take skill to beat.

Can you beat all the stages, and how fast can you do it? Post your stats here when you have completed the map!

Test:This mod not tested!


Download - Minecraft – This is The Only Level Parkour Map

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1 Response

  1. Jason says:

    stuck on stage 2, seems impossible the jump is impossible and the wool does nothing as you can’t place blocks

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