Minecraft – The Wooly Box World Parkour Map

The Wooly Box World Parkour Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0


Ready for a real challenge? The map may be made out of wool, but you land just as hard. Unless you’re a master at parkour.


You, an adventurer, were looking for a place to rest when you see a cabin.

As you enter, you see a villager, weeping. He explains that he is a shepherd, and that most of his sheep have gone missing.

You, feeling sorry for him, and have a taste for danger, set out for the lost sheep.

Additional Info:

Everything was created by Skipper75.

Being my first map I wish I could have done a little more to it but I think it is still fun and challenging. Hope you enjoy!

Credit(s): SKIPPER75

Download - Minecraft – The Wooly Box World Parkour Map

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