Minecraft – The Witch Adventure Map

The Witch Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.3

Your job is to protect Twilight Town from the wicked witch that’s been terrorizing the townspeople. Spend 10 days in Twilight Town protecting the townspeople, each day will have something new in store for you, whether it’s some riddles or puzzles you need to figure out, or a boss battle, or even some parkour. This map is playable with up to as many as 4 players.

It is important that you talk to the villagers of Twilight Town, as they may have important information and/or items that you may need to proceed in the map. The villagers’ have something new to say at different parts of the map, so make sure to talk to them if you’re ever stuck and looking for some help on how to proceed.

Credit(s): LETZTACO

Download - Minecraft – The Witch Adventure Map

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