Minecraft – The Underworld Adventure Map

The Underworld Adventure Map for Minecraft Version 1.15.2

The Underworld is a map that includes:

  • Parkours, puzzles, fights, adventures and of course much more…
  • A custom Resourcepack with “3d Models”, smooth textures, new textures…
  • One new Boss that live in the undergrounds…
  • There is no rules because i’ve fixed almost all the bugs of the map so that’s why i took so long time to make this map !

This map is about adventures of the caves of minecraft, but theses have been improved as reality.

It can takes you maybe 30 minutes to finish the map, and of course: be the best “Traveler” of the Underworld !

The Underworld is a map that took more than one year do be finished.

I’ve started the 8th July 2019 and ended the 19th September 2020.

There is more than 7K commands blocks in this map.


Download Link #1

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