Minecraft – The Stupidly Complex Redstone Puzzle Map

The Stupidly Complex Redstone Puzzle Map Minecraft Version 1.12.2 Map Version 1.0

This an as it states a stupidly complex redstone puzzle.

This map was inspired by the redstone predicament a map by mase_g.

This map was made for 2 players but you can have as many as you want the world is your oyster.

And make sure you get a headache.

Welcome to Pigolympus labs where you InsertNameHere have been chosen to try out our newest attraction.

This attraction includes headaches redstone, llamas, a maze, and an amazing ending that is sure to amaze you and make you jump for joy at your accomplishment.

Oh and there are rules of course:

  • 1. Play in peaceful mode
  • 2. Must play in adventure mode or else the map isnt playable
  • 3. Have fun
  • 4. Erase rule

Hope you have fun

– PigOlympus & KingFranLord.


Download - Minecraft – The Stupidly Complex Redstone Puzzle Map

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