Minecraft – The Reality of Making Map

The Reality of Making Map Minecraft Version 1.12 Map Version 1.0

This is a map where the objective is to fix the map!

An emergency has arisen at 60 Inc.! They’re new map is set to release and a few map makers have gone missing! It’s up to you to help the beta test go smoothly. Take a tour behind the scenes as you rush to squash bugs and deliver smooth gameplay. Includes NPCs and intuitive puzzles as well!

Welcome to 60 INC, the proud company behind some of your favorite maps.

We hire over 200 engineers, scriptwriters, and puzzle makers.

They work tirelessly and faithfully behind the scenes to make YOUR favorite experiences come to life.

Every time you fight zombies we have to ship them into your play-space and load them into the environment. Thanks to our hard-working Monster Co-ordinator.

Every time you see a cool command creation, there is a team of engineers on hand to fix bugs on the fly.

Every part of the story is carefully planned out by scriptwriters who are on scene to make last minute changes and to direct the action.

Unfortunately, it looks like someone’s already playing the map… So our apologies there. So just relax in the employee relaxation lounge for now.

Wait, I’m getting a notification from our floor one executive. 3 people didn’t turn up today and we are under-staffed. AND THE PLAYER’S ALREADY IN THERE! This is AWFUL! There will be BUGS and PROBLEMS! AND It’s the opening night for the map! The critics will have a field day! The company will shut down!

Tell you what, if you fix up a few odds and ends here and there, I’ll give you a private playthrough in my personal playspace. Watch the player through our observation windows, and make sure he has a good time. So keep an eye on… What was he called again?


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