Minecraft – The Raid Adventure Map

The Raid Adventure Map Minecraft Version 1.11.2 Map Version 1.0

This map took 8 months before it was finally ready to be posted for the public.

In many other games a “Raid” is the top-tier, hardcore activity to showcase a diverse amount of skills, and this map is the exact same thing. It is a hard, fun, complex, and skill-demanding series of tasks.

The map is broken up into two save files due to it’s size and amount of commands being run, so that all players (no matter how good of a computer they have) are able to run it quickly and comfortably.

Interesting Things To Note:

This map can technically be completed in about 25 minutes but because you won’t have knowledge ahead of time, it most likely will take players way more time to complete.

Everything in this map is 100% Original AND Unique, and full of surprises

Many of the sections of this map take over 50 command blocks (with many commands inside) to run.

FUN FACT: Every single one of our testers (Alpha and Beta) got very angry at some point or another, so don’t be ashamed if you also have to take a break! My maps are known for being tough.


This map is broke down into 5 Phases, they are listed below:

  • Phase I: And So It Begins
  • Phase II: Pursuit
  • Phase III: Finishing the Job and Navigating
  • Phase IV: Once and For All
  • Phase V: Everything Goes BOOM


This map only works for single-player

The Coordinates to begin both sections (if you start in the void) are:
Part 1: /tp @p 0 231 2
Part 2: /tp @p 136 62 94

Please do not be shy to say something below, whether it’s positive or negative!


Download - Minecraft – The Raid Adventure Map

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