Minecraft – The Mystery of Herobrine Chapter VI Adventure Map

The Mystery of Herobrine Chapter VI Adventure Map for Minecraft Version 1.16.2

A Story planned out since early 2016… In this 6 chapter adventure you will explore many rooms, boss fights, mysteries, and more.

This chapter takes place on January 4th – January 7th of 2009, Herobrine is dead but there is one more enemy that survived the skybase explosion and wants revenge for what you did…


  • 9 Difficult Boss Battles with unique moves
  • 6 Different Armor/Weapon Sets. (Get the 6th tier set by accessing the shop)
  • Around 2 – 3 hours of gameplay
  • No mods are required to play this map
  • Version for this map is 1.16.2

This is the final chapter in the Mystery of Herobrine Saga. Thank you guys so much for playing all 6 chapters!


  • No breaking blocks unless told too.
  • New objectives will appear on screen that will tell you what to do.
  • This is a story map made for 1 player but you can play this with multiple people. (1 – 3 players).
  • Render Distance: 8 – 12 Chunks.
  • Brightness should be 85% – 100%.
  • Smooth Lighting should be OFF.

Credits: Nolan414

Download Link #1

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